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研究生: 萧惠馨
研究生(外文): HSIAO, HUI-HSIN
论文名称: 试论约瑟夫马洛德威廉泰纳风景画与当时代科学发展
论文名称(外文): A Study of Joseph Mallord William Turner’s Landscape Paintings and the Development of Science at that Time
指导教授: 蔡敏玲蔡敏玲引用关係
指导教授(外文): TSAI, MIN-LING
口试委员: 于礼本、刘怡苹
口试委员(外文): YU, LI-PEN、Yi-Pin Liu
口试日期: 2021-01-20
学位类别: 硕士
校院名称: 国立台南艺术大学
系所名称: 艺术史学系艺术史评与古物研究硕士班
学门: 艺术学门
学类: 综合艺术学类
论文种类: 学术论文
论文出版年: 2021
毕业学年度: 109
语文别: 中文
论文页数: 151
中文关键词: 泰纳、风景画、光学、色彩学、气象学
外文关键词: Joseph Mallord William Turner、Landscape painting、Optics、Chromatics、Meteorology

十八世纪末英国画家约瑟夫‧马洛德‧威廉‧泰纳(Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1775-1851)的风景画受到学界广泛讨论,但是大多呈现的论述是作品源自于泰纳对于光学与色彩学的理解,较少研究进一步分析作品色彩配置和科学知识的影响。本研究透过观察作品,大约从1830年代大量出现具有色彩学实验性质光影效果的作品,云雾、水气及光影的描绘可以推测是艺术家探讨光线与大气折射原理的展现,因此本文主要探讨泰纳作品与其所处时代科学发展之关联,以泰纳中晚年阶段作品佐证,首先釐清泰纳风景画风格特色、演变及社会背景,接著理解当时光学、色彩学与气象学的研究成果,最后再观察与分析作品的色彩搭配及画法,归纳作品展现的时代脉络与科学的关联。

Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851), the late-eighteenth century British painter, whose landscape paintings have been widely discussed by the academicians. However, most of the discussions are that the paintings are derived from Turner’s understanding of optics and chromatics, there are few researches focus on the color configuration of the paintings are originated in scientific knowledge. Observing the paintings, there have been a large number of paintings with chromatic experimental light and shadow effects since the 1830s. The depiction of clouds, mist, water vapor, light and shadow can be presumed to be the artist’s exploration of the principles of light and atmospheric refraction. This thesis mainly discusses the relationship between Turner’s paintings and the scientific development of that time. It is supported by Turner’s paintings in his middle and late years. First, I would clarify the style, characteristics, evolution and social background of Turner’s landscape paintings. Then I would refine the research of optics, chromatics and meteorology at that time. Furthermore, I would observe and analyze the color configuration and painting methods of Turner’s paintings. Finally, I would summarize the connection between the times and science shown in the paintings.

摘要 I
Abstract II
志谢辞 III
目录 IV
图目录 V
绪论 1
研究动机与目的 1
选件原因与研究限制 1
研究方法与架构 2
文献回顾 3
第一章 泰纳与所处时代的艺术潮流 9
第一节 英国浪漫时期风景画发展 9
第二节 泰纳创作风格演变与同时代风景画家 23
第二章 泰纳与光学及色彩学之关联 35
第一节 光学及色彩学发展与艺术 36
第二节 泰纳作品与光学及色彩学之关联 44
第三章 泰纳与气象学之关联 52
第一节 十八至十九世纪气象学发展与艺术 53
第二节 泰纳作品与气象学之关联 60
结论 65
参考文献 67
附录:泰纳的色彩相关论述 72
图版 80

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